The Hyzer Project's Team Manager and Ford Park TD George Loepke held an awesome event Tuesday night (November 7, 2017) at Ford Park in Redlands, CA. A Forehand / Backhand & Putting Clinic Hosted by Legacy Discs Team Member Sarah J Hokom. You can check more pictures and video from the clinic on Ford Park's Facebook page
George Loepke -Tuesday Night Weekly @ Ford Park Redlands, CA
We had 39 people come out to support Sarah J Hokom, thank you everyone & especially THANK YOU SARAH for all your knowledge! Thank you Jarrod Van Keuren for trailering in a huge light tower! Ford Park appreciates you greatly! Thank you Turn and Fade Disc Golf Foundation & Yucaipa DGC for being generous sponsors!
Each player was charged $7. ($7 x 39= $273)
$273 was spent on Sarah’s merch and donated directly to CTPs!
Sarah graciously donated 6 discs for CTPs
John Ryan donated 8 discs for CTPs
We gave alway a total of 31 discs tonight!!!
We had multiple ace runs, hit the basket, the band, the pin but no one could get it in the basket!

Team Hyzer Project member Darryl Cookson lit it up this weekend at the Oak Grove Appreciation Tournament directed by Howard Fernandes!

DJ played in the Men's Advanced division were he completely slayed the competition! Literally. He even beat the Open division by 3 strokes.

DJ shot ratings that were 1000+ in both rounds.

Round 1 - 67 (-14) 1011
Round 2 - 65 (-13) 1000

Total - 132 (-27)

Team Hyzer Project is VERY PROUD of you DJ! The sky is the limit buddy!

Keep an eye out for this guy.. Big things are coming!